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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 17, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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who need assistance, it is crucial that the resolution also addresses access for humanitarian workers and condemns the killing of civilians, killing the people who are there to help them. the syria crisis is not only -- it is also the only one where the security council has not yet said that it is not acceptable to violate international humanitarian law, not acceptable to target civilians, not acceptable to shoot at ambulances and kill doctors.
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that has to be rectified. for syria but also for other people out there in the world. 31 humanitarian workers have lost their lives helping others. many more wounded, many more kidnapped. that has to be brought up, and the united nations security council has the responsibility to fend for any violation of international law, use of weapons of mass destruction or violation of humanitarian law as well. >> one of the figures we have talked about the last few weeks is the amount of money the you in particular has spent on the issue of humanitarian aid in syria, more than one billion euros, and it is not yet enough. >> 1.7 billion euros, our member states and the commission. but the scale of this crisis is
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so enormous that what we do is not enough. inside syria, we help at best 3 million people on a more or less regular basis, more than two times higher. and there are more than 2 million refugees. it is not the soldiers, not the rebels, it is the face of a child. we are at the risk of losing syrian children, and for that we have to not only address the needs of the life-saving nature, but we also have to support the neighboring countries that are receiving the refugees. help the refugees and the communities overwhelmed by the weight of this crisis. >> what about the possibility of europe taking more of those refugees in?
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>> i have talked to many of those refugees, and the vast majority of them want to go home. some of them even now cross the borders when circumstances allow. so far less than 50,000 syrians have come to europe, and of course we need to be open. we need to keep our hearts open, our wallets open, but also our borders open. but this is not where the problem is. the problem is in the neighboring countries. lebanon, jordan, turkey, iraq. supporting these countries is morally right to do but it is also in the interest of europe so that we do not turn desperation into a wave of refugees in the future. we are looking into a crisis that is going to be protracted that will be with us for a long time. even if fighting starts tomorrow , and it is essential for europe to continue what they have been
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doing, moving forward to address the needs of people who are so terribly affected by the fighting in syria. >> the eu has been at the forefront of efforts to help refugees, those in need of humanitarian aid. as the rest of the world followed through? >> we would like others to do more. some have done more. kuwait hosted the conference, and they fulfilled that pledge. but other countries, especially among the emerging markets, they could do more. we need to recognize that we in europe live up to our obligation. have 20% of the world economy 50% of humanitarian aid. for countries that have grown stronger, more wealth means more responsibility. we will continue from europe to lead by example and urge others to do their bit. bank bank thank you very much
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indeed -- >> thank you very much indeed. to the rest of the day's news, details emerging about the man responsible for the deaths of 12 people in washington yesterday. police say that aaron alexis used his pass to get onto the navy yard in washington yesterday and should people in the cafeteria. >> conflicting accounts of the suspected gunman who went on a killing spree, a troubled u.s. military veteran with a string of weapon related violence incidents behind him. however, friends and colleagues from the thai restaurant he worked at said that they knew alexis as a peaceloving buddhist with an interest in thailand's nine which and culture. >> he is a good guy -- language
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and culture. >> he is a good guy. nothing to be telling me that he is going to aggressive or no sign that he is going to shoot one for that or shoot someone. >> he liked to speak the thai language, and he was teaching me thai. he got the job with that company and felt that was his way to really advance. >> alexis had the security clearance -- despite being arrested twice on firearms offenses. following a neighbor's complained that he fired bullets into her apartment floor. before that, alexis was questioned by police after a construction worker's car was fired at in 2004. at the time his father said he was suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder related to the 9/11 attacks in 2001 in which he
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was said to have helped with rescue operations. >> it was one of the most expensive rescue recovery projects ever performed, but the costa concordia was pulled up right, taking 19 hours. our correspondent in italy told us a while ago that people came out to cheer as the costa concordia came up about 4:00 this morning. >> finally up right, the cruiser liner laid flat on the seabed. getting a vertical took 19 hours. teams worked through the night until dawn tuesday. when the job was done, a local bar for a beer. thing bank we are obviously very satisfied with how things have worked out. we are satisfied that despite the complexity of the procedure
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it took place with incredible precision. >> the damage to the vessel is massive. the starboard hull crushed. >> the weight, molding itself around the rocks. we expected it to be harder to get it off. >> 500 engineers, 26 nationalities in all worked on the salvage project for more than a year. the ghost ship is due to be towed away next spring. the salvage operation is the most complex ever expected -- six hundred million euros and rising. >> the big story today the shooting in washington, d.c. >> absolutely. for now we can take a look at the articles coming up.
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we take a look at "the huffington post," talking about the "navy yard massacre." and accounts from within building 197. they interview a navy commander in the building, talking about evacuating thinking it was a normal fire alarm, then all of a sudden he was in the street running for his life. the man next to him was shot in the head. he said he never saw the shooter but describes these chaotic scenes around him. >> the paper piecing together a profile about him. >> a developing story obviously so you have to be careful about the details. it gives some sort of a snapshot, what we know or what we think we know about aaron a lexis, that he was a navy reservist, that he was elected -- that he was arrested twice for firearm offenses. he helped in the 9/11 rescue.
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his motive is unclear for now. a lot of police and fbi agents are visiting his family to try to get more information about him. he is a native of queens in new york city, and a lot of journalists including at nbc here go to visit his family to see what could have pushed him to do here. friends of his were interviewed uncharacteristic of him. >> a lot of papers saying once again it raises the thorny issue of gun control. >> there is a piece in "the washington post" by petula dvorak. "how can we endure another mass shooting after enduring so many others? each time we wonder whether this shooting will finally wake us up from our numb indifference," she says. but instead these kind of
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slaughters are becoming routine and we get upset because of the very serious ones, and she calls them serious gun control in the united states. >> syria is still in the newspapers of course. >> that is right. a lebanese paper talks about the u.n.'s scathing report on this chemical weapons in syria. looking at obama's strategy and saying the recent russian- american deal is him some breathing space, but the list of things that could go wrong is long and daunting, and it seems that the obama administration does not have a clear plan b. if this plan does not work out, it seems obama does not have much wiggle room because congress is divided on the issue. the white house seems to be trying to change the subject and turn to other issues like the economy. >> finally, focusing on the emotional legacies of the vietnam war. >> a really interesting article
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that i recommend reading about the flesh and blood legacy of the vietnam war. often forgotten, the fate of children that u.s. servicemen had with women in vietnam during the war there. according to estimates, some tens of thousands of american servicemen had children with vietnamese women. some of them were the result of long relationships in vietnam, something the tribune points out would be unthinkable, unimaginable for veterans in the iraqi or afghanistan wars because it can us -- because interactions with locals were so minimal. but in vietnam all these children were born. it seems a lot of these veterans and a lot of these children, known as ameri-asians. a lot of them are trying to find them now and a lot of the veterans are retiring and want
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to heal the wounds of the past. the children are in their 30's, and because of the harsh treatment they received in vietnam, they have special immigrant status in the united states try to find their parents, and every now and then you get sweet stories of reconciliation but they are very rare. >> thank you so much. >> paris kicks off their league campaign tonight with a tough trip to the greek champions. the french champions won the group in last yours competition. going out on barcelona, they are looking to do better this season. their coach. >> we know this team quite well.
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how they will prepare and how they intend to play this game is their problem. we are going to try to play the game with the same spirit we played against bordeaux last weekend. keeping the ball for the maximum amount of time. >> three straight wins in the league and are unbeaten so far after five. the preparation, the trip to a hostile stadium. tomorrow the stadium will be full, we certainly hope so. we are expecting an electric atmosphere, but the crowd cannot do everything. therefore, we have really prepared for this game in positive ways, as opposed to the game with bordeaux. we are prepared for this. early-season injuries have begun to bite and they will likely be without their star playmaker alex argentine. and launched their campaign with a home match in lisbon.
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the stadium will provide -- it will provide a major incentive to the club. the current holders, brian minnick, where sims -- the victory of league arrivals, a scintillating final this year to secure a win for the bavarians. the coaches now in charge and he won his first trophy in the european super cup. what does the spaniard expect from the russians? >> in my experience, russian and ukrainian teams are always very complicated to play against. cs k moscow playing very well at the moment. they seem to have a lot of money
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and afford a lot of good players. they are always very strong physically, but we are a good team too, right? >> having won the repetition twice with barcelona, they hope to repeat that fate. last year being the first coach to retain the trophy. manchester united meanwhile kickoff their champion's league campaign with a trippy home game -- with a tricky home game tonight. the united labor to be crystal palace two on saturday him a impressively being -- beating wolfsburg. >> i have been in the league for a long time now, 12, 15 years. i have always wanted to get to the champion's league, trying to make that happen.
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i am going to do everything possible to win it. that is the key. >> coached by a former liverpool player they have never won a match in england. >> i think it is a tough go. from germany, from spain in the champions league. >> the two sides have met four times before in the champions league, reaching the final in 2002. liverpool have gone back to the top of the english premier league despite being held in wales. former louisville player had a hand in all four goals. but two mistakes led to liverpool's goals.
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the second stage of the tour of brisbane was from scotland to the lake district thomas locke wriggled away from the pack with 10k remaining. the i am cycling rider maintained a second lead. they fought it out to the line. the german over taking the lead in the gc. >> online support for the victims of --
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racing fierce opposition. and you can now visit the galapagos islands if you are on computer. homes and businesses submerged by the floods, cracks in the road, some have even collapsed. able trying to wade through the water. residents from boulder colorado, have been sharing their experiences of the deadly flooding following days of heavy rains in the region. a state of emergency has been declared in the western american state, and as we can see from this posted online by the national guard, soldiers have been sent in to assist with disaster relief and rescue operations for hundreds of people missing in areas that have been cut off from the rest of the world by rising floodwaters, and in many cases -- for residents with internet access google has produced an
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interactive map providing real- time updates on the weather, the road conditions, and the location of the various hospitals set up for flood victims. a number of online initiatives are now underway to help those affected by the flooding. people can help by donating money or basic necessities that will be handed over to the relevant authorities ngo's, and local churches. q's government unveiled its proposed charter of québec's values last week tom and the measure which seeks to ban public workers from wearing religious headwear has been met with strong opposition. many have taken to the streets to voice opposition. as you can see in the amateur video footage this weekend, in
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montréal in particular, able from all states protested the controversial law and called on authorities to show greater religious tolerance. sharing concerns on social networks word about the impact the measure will have if enacted. web users are saying that party can require government proposal to ban employees from wearing religious symbols, could have dramatic consequences on the economy. skilled workers like doctors or teachers to move to an area they feel has more respect for their faith and for religious freedoms. if this is anything to go by, this was produced by an ontario hospital to lure québec doctors to the neighboring province with the image, "we don't care what is on your head, we care what is in it."
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twitter uses have been posting under the #putinforpeace. the russian president has saved the world from a serious international crisis and should be rewarded for his actions." not everyone shares this opinion, however. far from it. many have taken to the social network to say that russia is regularly guilty of human rights violations and its leader is not worthy of the prestigious award. web users can now explore the galapagos islands up the coast of ecuador with "google street view." a virtual visit during which you can discover the island's flora and fauna on land and in the water. the 178 anniversary of charles
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